15 March 2021

Interview with Meghan Markle, Queen of the United Kingdom

After a shocking interview with Meghan Markle, the wife of British Prince Harry, the Queen has decided to contact the couple.

According to British royal family sources, the Queen will call Prince Harry on the phone in the next few days, while the revelations made in the interview by Meghan Markle will also be discussed.

In a statement issued by the British royal family, the queen expressed surprise at Meghan's revelations and said she was saddened that the couple had been through so much suffering this year and had been mentally abused by some members of the royal family. ۔

The Queen has also barred royal staff from discussing the issue in public. Following the interview, the Queen has taken matters into her own hands and has now decided to contact the couple directly.

According to the Queen, Archie, Harry, and Meghan are still part of the royal family and are dear to her.

It should be noted that Harry and Meghan Markle had praised the Queen of Great Britain in the interview. Meghan Markle revealed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that a member of the royal family had asked about Archie's complexion.

In an interview, Meghan Markle said she was not protected by the royal family and was silenced after becoming part of the royal family.

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